Rock On Audio products are now being used by musicans around the world. Click on the image above to view a google map that shows all the cities that have current users. If you'd like to contact a band near you, I'd be happy to connect you through email. You are also welcome to follow the links below. I'm sure those who rock would be happy to talk about gear! Matt McKeown even made a video - thanks dude!!

"We realized (each of us in our band) that the Rock Box was the ONLY thing on our rigs that we were each completely satisfied with. As a guitar player I always expect more from my amps, pedals, whatever. I expected there to be a few issues with the Rock Box coming from a new, small company I guess but I'm still blown away by how perfectly it meets our needs. Still sounds clear as a bell. Devin said that immediately "Dude it's so clear!" haha. Anyway- just wanted to say that The Rock Box is the only piece of equipment that I have (besides my guitar) that I continue to be stoked on seriously haha. -Harker Russell, Guitarist, Sleep For Now, Van Nuys CA

I have been fighting to get a good monitor mix on stage for quite some time now. Usually what I end up with is a muffled barrage of too much of one thing and not enough of the other pointed at my knees. And its the same conversation every time after every show from the whole band; "couldn't hear the guitar or keys or vocals out of the wedge monitor". Then you go home with ringing ears. I started using ear plugs for a while with some success but those cut out all of the highs and I was still missing a lot of the monitor mix. What I needed was the best of both worlds without paying out the nose for it . Then a friend pointed me to the Rockbox Limiter and paired cable. I looked at the affordable price and simplicity of the system and started keeping track of the money I was earning at shows to justify the cost. After just a few gigs I ordered the Rockon system and have been using it heavily at practice and during live performance. The other guys in the band are still having the same conversation about muddy wedge monitor mixes and all I can do is smile. With the Rockbox and a pair of quality sealing earbuds it doesn't have to be a good mix. I can here everything clearly and I dont go to bed with ringing ears. Mission accomplished and wallet NOT empty. -Greg Bush, Guitarist, Hellhound Junkies, Kansas City MO

"I gigged last night for the first time since I got the Rockbox Limiter and my M-Audio IE-10s. Everything was great! I took a line from the daisy-chained wedges, because it was a small room and we were only monitoring 4 vocals and kick drum. None of the feedback made it through the limiter (which I didn't adjust at all from the factory setting). The sound was great, very natural and clear, and there was no hum at all. I'm very impressed with the Rockbox. The IE-10s aren't a monumental improvement sonically over my old Skull Candy ear buds, but they are better. Less bassy, much more natural and the highs are less shrill. They also block out much more stage volume, and are much more comfortable. I'd highly recommend the Rockbox Limiter. It works great, is easy to use and portable, and the customer service\shipping time was great. I received friendly and helpful e-mail responses within a day. The IE-10s are great for the price, although I'd love to try some $400 earphones one day. The entire setup for me is great. I can put my entire monitor "rig" in the accessory pocket of my stickbag. And it was cheap as hell. The Rockbox Limiter was $130, the in-ears were $79 Canadian and the Speaker Cable was like $10. I'm looking forward to this coming weekend, I have two gigs with a band that I sing way lot more BGs in." -Miles Gibbons, Drummer,Georgetown, Ontario

"Pete, thanks for the rockon cable!! It works perfect for my in ears in a easy all in one package. I also like it for silent practicing by myself. No more wasting batteries!! All the best from the Maddog boys in Grand Forks, BC Canada" -Mad Dog Boys, BC Canada

“I'm very satisfied (this is my first in-ear monitor system), and I think it will help me improve my performance over time. And it's totally unobtrusive--no belt pack, which scores big points.” -Peter Healy, guitarist, Leipzig, Germany

"I just spent the past four years using a high-end wireless unit (which cost me about 1200 dollars), and hated the way my guitar sounded. Plus, during shows my signal would drop out and/or my batteries would die. Now I use the hard-wired system from Rock on Audio and I love it!" -Glen Esparza, guitarist, Savage Henry, Denver CO

"I'm gonna give you an honest pitch here... I hate the way my guitar sounds through my wireless rig, I don't hate it through the Rockbox. It's sounds way better!" -Stuart Miller, guitarist/vovalist/keys, Savage Henry, Denver CO

"Jason and I really like the rock on audio system! The versatility of the system is what we were looking for! The ability of taking signal from practically anywhere on stage is invaluable! My favorite part is not taking in any floor monitors into any shows! Thanks so much Pete! ROCK ON!!!" -Steve Sperry, guitarist/vocalist, Texas 114, Lubbock TX

Something UnderGround, Denver CO

Chris Harden (IV Lab Studios), Chicago IL

Kenny Leiser, Madison WI

Dog House Music, Lafayette CO

those who rock