The Sixer Mixer

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The Sixer Mixer

Postby pete » Sun Aug 24, 2014 7:23 am

Hey Everyone,
We just returned from Summer NAMM where we shared a new prototype we have been developing, called the Sixer Mixer. We received a lot of good feedback, and we are excited to extend the conversation to the forum.

We are working on a six channel mini-mixer (with built in limiting on the output) that would allow players to combine six sound sources into their mix. Ultimately, this would allow the user to have more independence from the house sound. We are finding that this independence is an important goal and is something we talked a lot about at the booth this year. We didn't really know it 'till this Summer NAMM, but this has been one of our underlying themes with all of our products. We want to help all performers to show up to a gig and know that they will have a decent IEM mix, regardless of what the house sound equipment can provide. Usually, the minimum monitor mix is a set of wedges with only the vocal mics coming through. As many IEM users have experienced, although this can get you through the gig, a "more me" knob and some ambient mics would really be ideal.

With this mini-mixer, you'd be able to include a set of stereo room mics (preferably up above the stage, or above their instrument sound source). As a guitarist in a rock trio, my ideal setup would be like so:

(1) Close mic of my guitar cabinet (with a splitter box at the base of my cabinet, that would allow the FOH to take a split out)
(2) Vocal mic (with a splitter box at the base of my mic stand, that would allow the FOH to take a split out)
(3) Left room mic (condenser up above my guitar cab, facing the band/audience)
(4) Right room mic (condenser up above my guitar cab, facing the band/audience)
(5) Line level mix from wedge or aux send monitor mix (this usually only includes vocals, but sometimes a little bass DI)
(6) Extra channel

We are currently working on the DSP portion of the product. The initial features will include (per channel) trim gain, volume, bass boost/cut, pan and limiter threshold. This is getting close to maxing out the DSP chip, but we would like to hear your feedback as to what features are more important in your setup. Also note, we are planning on including the speaker pad feature (similar to the Rockbox Limiter and Tasty Blender) to channel 6, for those setups using passive wedges for stage monitors.

Thanks and rock on,

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Re: The Sixer Mixer

Postby silthis89 » Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:30 pm

This looks rather interesting though i'm not sure I see the benefit of it myself in my usual band setting. Will none the less be watching eagerly to see how it develops.
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