Ideas for Tasty Blender 2.0 ???

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Ideas for Tasty Blender 2.0 ???

Postby BradGunnerSGT » Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:34 am

I have the original Rockbox and I absolutely love it. I'm a drummer and the others in the band use wireless IEM's or floor monitors, but I don't need to move around and I prefer hard-wired IEM's, so this has been the best solution for me. I rave about this product on drum forums all the time, and one of the guys that I chat with recently bought a RB based on my recommendation and he loves it!

I just saw that the Tasty Blender was released, and it has a lot of cool features, but for me there just isn't a single feature that makes me run out and want to upgrade immediately. I get GAS every now and then, so I probably will, anyway. ;)

I was wondering if for TB 2.0, you could have the option of a rackmounted version. I know the original intent for the Rockbox was for guitarists, but as a drummer, I have a hard time finding a good spot for mine. I ended up attaching some velcro ties to the back using wire ties, and I strap it to my hi-hat stand (which keeps it in easy reach). My band has a small rack that contains the wireless transmitters for the singer's IEM, a monitor amp, accessory drawer, etc., and I had the idea today that since this rack usually lives near my drums anyway, I could just put a rackmount version of the RB/TB in there and it would be perfect, especially if there was a subwoofer out on the back to send the low frequencies to an amp to drive a Buttkicker. That would be my dream situation.

Anyway, keep up the great work!!
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