Dear customers,

We design all of our products to last through the rugged life of a giggin' musician. Just short of dropping a main speaker on your Rockbox, we guarantee it will live on n' rock on!


Pete Lewis


1-month Satisfaction Guarantee

If you buy a product, and after one month of trying it out you decide it isn't what you wanted, you can return it for a full refund.

3-Year Guarantee

Our products also come with a 3-Year Guarantee. If your system malfunctions in any way during normal use, we will either repair it or replace it.

**Note these garauntees only apply to our in-house manufactured products (such as the Rockbox and Cables). Westone has there own 1-year warantee. To find out more about their warantee, please contact them through their website here.

"It works perfect for my in ears in an easy all-in-one package. No more wasting batteries!!"
-Mad Dog Boys, BC Canada

"The ability to take signal from practically anywhere on stage is invaluable!"
-Steve Sperry, guitarist/vocalist, Lubbock TX

"It's totally unobtrusive -no belt pack, which scores big points."
-Peter Healy, guitarist, Leipzig, Germany