Tasty Blender V2

3 channel audio mixer with advanced DSP output limiter.

The Tasty Blender V2 allows you to gain independence from the house sound system, speed up sound check, ensure you have enough of yourself in your monitor mix, and be sure your signal is limited to protect your ears.

The Tasty Blender V2 is ideal for use with in-ear monitors, but can also be used with larger "can" style headphones. Don't let it's size deceive you, the Tasty Blender V2 packs in a ton of features and actually works very much like a 3 channel mini digital mixer - with gain, boost, panning and bass eq. It is most useful as the last stage of your personal monitor system. Guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboardists and even some vocal choirs have made it a key ingredient to their monitor setups. Note, it is usually used in a hard-wired setup, so a headphone extension cable or our Rockon Cable can compliment your setup very well.

The DSP limiting is very sophisticated. It actually has a 3-stage limiter on the stereo output with adjustable thresholds, so you can really dial in the amount of limiting you’d like. This allows you to get the protection you’d like, while still keeping you monitor mix dynamic. There are also limiters available for use on each individual input.

Having multiple inputs allows you to take a monitor mix from the house sound system, and then also bring in your own instrument and/or vocal signal. This is commonly called the “more me” feature, and it’s most useful when sharing a mix with other bandmates.

Many drummers find the Blender V2 very useful, because they can mix in a click track into their own setup. This way, they never have to involve the sound guy to get signals straight and adjust levels.

Key Features:
* 3-Channel mixer with headphone output
* 24-bit/96Khz digital audio, very low latency (0.3 millisecond - yes, just ? of a single millisecond)
* Advanced 3-stage protective limiting on stereo output
* Dedicated peak limiters on each input
* Ideal for IEMs, but includes optional output boost for driving larger headphones
* Full panning control per channel (useful for stereo mixes)
* Bass frequency control per channel (120 Hz, shelving style)
* Standard power input (9V, pin + or pin-) - great for adding to a pedal rig
* Illuminated knobs and screen
* Channel 3 can be a mono (TS) or a stereo input (TRS) which means the Blender V2 can actually accept up to 4 channels
* Channel 3 can accept a line level signal or a speaker level signal (useful with either active or passive monitor speaker setups)

Input details:
* Channel 1: Line level (bal/un-bal)
* Channel 2: Line level (bal/un-bal)
* Channel 3: Line or Speaker level (un-bal)(mono or stereo)

Limiter Details:
* All 6 have adjustable thresholds
* All 6 are “brick wall” type limiters, meaning their ratios are set to “infinity” to 1
* Stereo Output Limiter 1: RMS with fast attack (30ms)
* Stereo Output Limiter 2: RMS with slow attack (300ms)
* Stereo Output Limiter 3: PEAK with fast attack (instant)
* Channel 1 input limiter: PEAK with fast attack (instant)
* Channel 2 input limiter: PEAK with fast attack (instant)
* Channel 3 input limiter: PEAK with fast attack (instant)

User Manual Download (PDF)

We are currently working on a video tutorial on how to use the new features of the Tasty Blender V2. That will be posted here ASAP.

For now, please check out this video showing how the original model works. The user interface is very similar, so we hope this will help you get going with the Blender V2. Please also check out the new user manual for the complete breakdown of menu structure. Thanks!

All of our in-house manufactured products come with our 3-year product guarantee.

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"It works perfect for my in ears in an easy all-in-one package. No more wasting batteries!!"
-Mad Dog Boys, BC Canada

"The ability to take signal from practically anywhere on stage is invaluable!"
-Steve Sperry, guitarist/vocalist, Lubbock TX

"It's totally unobtrusive -no belt pack, which scores big points."
-Peter Healy, guitarist, Leipzig, Germany