Rockon Cable

This is our premium Rockon Cable. This product combines the functionality of an instrument cable and a headphone extension cable into one simple solution. It is specifically designed to work with our headphones amps and IEMs, but can also be very useful with any other standard headphone amp.

** SPECIAL NOTE ** All cables ordered from this product page will use only male type instrument connectors. In the product pictures we have featured an example Rockon Cable with a female instrument connector. Your cable will include the connector types you select from the drop-down menu. Female type connectors are now a custom feature.

User Manual Download (PDF)

Headphone singal connectors:
-1/4" TRS male to 1/8" TRS female (in-line split).

Instrument signal connectors:
-Please choose from the drop down menus to customize your cable. We have two 1/4" Tip-sleeve (TS) connectors available: Straight (STR) and Right-angled (RA). They are both high quality SwitchCraft nickle-coated connectors.

All our products are hand soldered in the USA by our in-house technicians, and come with a 3-year guarantee.

Premium materials include:
-Amphenol 1/4" TRS connector
-Switch Craft 1/4" TS connector (RA and STR)
-CALRAD "no-crackle" 1/8" TRS headphones connector
-Gepco X-band fully shielded cable.
-Canare GS-4 hi-fi, low capacitance instrument cable
-Durable and flexible outer jacket made from no-fray expandable nylon sleeve

-Extra heat shrink around instrument line to add strength
-Thick, glue-lined heat shrink around headphone splitter for extra strength
-Rubber padding between metal brace and raw cable to protect cable from wear and tear
-Guaranteed quality of solder work from our in-house technicians

All of our in-house manufactured products come with our 3-year product guarantee.

Instrument Connector Type

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"It works perfect for my in ears in an easy all-in-one package. No more wasting batteries!!"
-Mad Dog Boys, BC Canada

"The ability to take signal from practically anywhere on stage is invaluable!"
-Steve Sperry, guitarist/vocalist, Lubbock TX

"It's totally unobtrusive -no belt pack, which scores big points."
-Peter Healy, guitarist, Leipzig, Germany